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We started working with Kish in 2014 when we were still formulating the company’s mission and strategy and before Spruce was formally formed. Kish’s wisdom and experience were invaluable in helping us to set the right course and in identifying the pheromone opportunity in agriculture. In 2015, Spruce led our Series A round of financing, which was structured in two tranches based on the achievement of technical milestones. Kish joined our board and also helped us recruit important talent in the capacity of executives and advisors. Those milestones helped us to focus on key value-inflection achievements, and we essentially replicated that model when we came to raise our Series B. Spruce’s credibility continues to help us in our effort to recruit new talents and partners. Kish also participates actively in our technology review meetings helping to set the right priorities for our R&D and IP programs (as well as keeping our scientists on their toes!). Provivi continues to benefit greatly from Spruce’s deep connections and network in Ag - the annual MLS LP symposium is tremendously helpful in promoting Provivi to key stakeholders in our industry. Finally, my co-founder and I appreciate the mentorship that Kish has provided us through these years in helping us to grow as entrepreneurs. We are truly grateful for the partnership with Spruce.

- Pedro Coelho, CEO & Co-Founder  Provivi
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